Why our coffee

Our coffee is not only high quality, it's actually made the day it ships to you. So it's really fresh.

That is great some might say, but still say why buy from you?

As you know we donate a portion of our profits to non profit animal rescue, shelters, cure research and more.

Let me tell you why,

As many of you reading this you had an animal, dog, cat, bird doesn't matter, that held an extra special spot in your heart. I have had all three animals and more. But a few of them really had myself lost when it was time for them to leave us.

My last special animal was named Jack. He was a yellow lab full blooded. As you may know full blooded Animals are known to have hereditary issues. Jack had his, I tried everything but the day still came and he had to leave our family. On that day I made a promise to myself that if I ever could I would help with the research to make all animals live to old age and pass of natural causes.

That was some years ago, and during this time I continued to research companies who shared my cause. I found that a large portion of non profit animal organizations do research for cures even though it's not there main reason to exist. And while visiting there sites it was sad to see these animals waiting for future forever homes. 

Now I have a chance, and with your help you can drink an excellent cup of coffee and know we are helping animals become healthy pets that fills a special place in someone's heart.

My name is Robert Garcia and I thank you for taking the time to read this and for your purchase.

Please visit our store often for updates and know when to follow us on social media, so you can see what our donations are doing.

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